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Can you renew my vehicle’s registration after it passes the smog test?


Yes! Smog Plus offers the service to renew your vehicle’s registration at the DMV without ever having to wait in line. We’ll personally deliver your new registration certificate with decal straight to you or you can pick it up at any of our 8 locations that same day! Even if your vehicle’s registration is already expired.

My vehicle didn’t pass the smog test and my registration is expired. What can you do for me?


If your vehicle didn’t pass the smog test for any reason, Smog Plus can have the DMV issue a moving permit for your vehicle. This will allow you to legally operate your vehicle on public roads without taking the risk of getting a traffic citation for having an expired registration. In addition, it will stop the accumulation of additional late fees when you renew your registration. If you need assistance with passing the smog test, our certified 2G station (post link) can fix any emission related problem your vehicle may have and renew your registration all in one convenient location.

I just purchased a vehicle and I want to register it as soon as possible, but I dont have the time to go to the DMV and wait in line. What can you do for me?


Smog Plus can register your vehicle whether you had purchased it from a dealer or a private party, without ever having to set foot inside the DMV,. All we’ll need to process your registration is the necessary documents (post link) and you can have the new license plates and registration personally delivered or pick it up from any of our 8 convenient locations that same day!

I recently moved here from a different state and need to get my vehicle registered in Nevada. What do I need to do?


New Nevada residents are given up to 30 days from arrival to the state to re register their vehicle with the Nevada DMV. If the vehicle has never before been registered in Nevada, it would need to obtain a VIN inspection in addition to the following (post link). Smog Plus can take care of the whole process for you. From getting your VIN inspection, smog test, and having your new Nevada license plates and registration done all that same day. All of our 8

locations are ready of getting your out of state vehicle registered, so feel free to stop by and we’ll save you the hassle of spending a whole day at the DMV.

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