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What We Do

Smog Plus has been providing emission testing, certified emission repair, and DMV services for over 10 years in the Las Vegas area.  We are, currently, the only certified emission testing and repair station in Nevada that provides all your DMV vehicle registration needs.


Unlike other smog check stations that only smog test your vehicle, Smog Plus provides all the services needed to get your vehicle properly registered. Our services vary from just basic annual renewals to registering your vehicle for the first time. Smog Plus can facilitate the process by saving you a trip or two to the DMV and having to wait in long lines! Our excellent team is prepared to provide the best service, regardless of the situation that you’re in.  So, if your car didn’t pass the smog check and has an expired registration, our friendly staff is able to provide you with a temporary moving permit to avoid any additional fees and traffic citations, while at the same time,  your vehicle is being scheduled for the necessary emission repairs.   We even complete the full emission waiver process for you!  This service includes registering your vehicle, when you are unable to afford the necessary repairs to pass the smog test.   If you just purchased a vehicle and need to get it registered as soon as possible, we are a call away, or you may prefer to visit any of our 9 locations, while we gladly review and make sure you have the necessary documents to get your vehicle registered the same day!   

*We accept most competitors coupons.

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